Along with our expansive range of products, APV offers formulation and manufacturing services for the aerospace, automotive, building products, government and military, marine, nanotechnology, plastic and allied goods, tire and rubber goods, and flexible polymer and textiles industries, among others. Our team engineers custom coatings and advanced materials for unique applications.


APV supplies masking materials, aerosols, and various high performance paints to businesses operating in the aerospace industry. Our long-standing product for aluminum aircraft wheels, Aeroprite™, has proven performance and cost saving advantages with our customers. Developing coatings for specialty applications in this industry is our forté.


APV’s relationship with the automobile industry dates all the way back to the industry’s inception. In the early 1900s, APV was the leader in manufacturing fast-drying Japanning Enamel used on the Model-T. As Henry Ford (“any color as long as it is black”) was looking for ways to speed production and increase capacity with the introduction of the assembly line, APV’s enamel technology proved invaluable to the emerging company. Today, APV offers advanced coating technologies for many automobile components, not only for exterior, but also interior applications.

Building Products

Our goal is to push the longevity of building products with high performance, weatherable, and UV resistant coating products. Chemistries range from acrylics, urethanes, polyesters, polycarbonates and most notably, the Kynar® PVDF fluoropolymer resin. Our formulations are engineered for a number of substrates such us: TPO, polyolefin, polyethylene, PVC, fiber glass pultrusions, fiber cement, wood, metals, aluminum, and more. Purchase one of our best selling field-applied products, NeverFade® Exterior Paint and APV eCoolRoof® or contact us today for a custom coating for your application.

Electronics & Battery Components

APV engineers advanced coatings and slurries for electronic components, including polymer films and components in Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs). Our expertise in the chemical composition of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and other high performance resins in various matrices provides customized and innovative solutions for the electronics and energy storage markets. Our ability to process hazardous materials, such as NMP, makes APV a key resource for LIB manufacturers.


APV provides various lubricants for metal forging applications including hot, warm and cold processes. Custom formulated to process requirements, our lubricants will provide the highest in lubricating and release performance as well as die protection.

Government Applications

APV will contract with government organizations and the military to design and manufacture technologies to their specification. Technologies range from nanotechnology enhanced concentrates and various coatings for applications to piping, infrastructure, aircraft, and others. Known throughout the military, Walkway is our anti-slip coating that was formulated to military specifications. APV will custom engineer products to a military or government specification.


For years, APV has been a proven supplier of high performance and UV resistant coatings for marine seating. Our formulations provide outstanding abrasion resistance and cleanability. A barrier to plasticizer migration, the coatings are also resistant to mold and bacterial growth. All coatings for the marine industry are custom formulated for specific applications and substrates.


Under our subsidiary, APV Nano Fusing, we offer a unique and advanced dispersing process that safely disperses carbon nanotubes and graphene into an aqueous base or various thermoset resins. The result is a functionalized liquid concentrate that can be “let down” into elastomers, plastics, metals, and other materials, essentially delivering the superior strength and conductive benefits of nano-particles.

Plastics & Allied Goods

APV has coating solutions for virtually any rigid plastic product or component. Custom formulated based on performance requirements, industry specifications and substrate, APV will engineer a product and accommodate existing production processes and equipment.

Tire & Rubber Goods

APV has grown alongside the tire industry in Akron, Ohio. Today, we provide a comprehensive product line for every step of the tire making and rubber manufacturing process. This includes: rubber cements, marking inks (for striping, alpha numeric coding via inkjet or offset printing), outside tire or precure paints, lubricants, repair paints, rubber marking crayons, dot markers, and much more. APV also has a full line of water-based products that address the VOC and emissions regulations for production facilities.

Vinyl & Textile

Whether you manufacture architectural fabrics, automotive upholstery, or fabric for contract seating, APV has a coating formulation that addresses the major product failing issues in the vinyl and textile industry. Our most notable product, VYNGUARD, is a breakthrough technology that blocks 100% of plasticizer migration, essentially eliminating UV damage, cracking, staining, etc.

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