Government Applications

APV will contract with government organizations and the military to design and manufacture technologies to their specification. Technologies range from nanotechnology enhanced concentrates and various coatings for applications to piping, infrastructure, aircraft, and others. Known throughout the military, Walkway is our anti-slip coating that was formulated to military specifications. APV will custom engineer products to a military or government specification.

Products for Government Applications:


Walkway is a non-slip safety paint that can be applied to any area with high foot traffic such as: aircraft wings, loading steps, thresholds, ramps, step plates, platforms, ladders, helicopters, radar equipment, various machinery, decking, playgrounds, boats, truck beds, golf carts, and much more!

Custom Formulations & Special Applications

APV’s product development and engineering team will address any challenge and find a coating or chemical solution. A technical representative and chemist will work directly with you from the R&D stage, to testing, to production trialing, and through commercial production. Contact a technical representation today to get started on your project!

If you are interested in learning more, let us know!