APV’s full line of industrial adhesives are engineered for use in tire and rubber production, packaging, paper and label manufacturing, building products, vinyl OEM, and custom applications.

Bead Dip Cement

Bead dip cement is a water-based adhesive specifically formulated for uncured bead rings used in new tire manufacturing. The product secures the bead into place while it proceeds through the tire building process and will cure in an autoclave.

Epovex Adhesive

Epovex is a structural adhesive for carbon fiber engineered with carbon nanotubes. It allows our customers to rapidly repair and maintain their products with the confidence that the latest in materials technology is hard at work. Epovex provides superior bonding strength through the incorporation of carbon nanotubes in the 2-part epoxy adhesive.

Film Bonding Primer

APV’s film bonding primer is ideal for adhering various types of polymer films to other substrates. The primer conditions and pre-treats the substrate in order to provide a consistent film with excellent cohesive properties. The product bonds well to metal, paper, as well as a variety of flexible fabrics and polymers.

Heat Activated Adhesive

APV offers heat-activated adhesives for use on paper, textiles, and metal foil. These adhesives are applied to a substrate using a roll-coat operation. The coated material is in a non-tacky state until heat is applied to initiate the bonding process.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

APV offers a range of pressure sensitive adhesives that are custom formulated to meet your specific requirements. Pressure sensitive adhesives can be engineered to have a permanent bond for manufacturing and construction use or a temporary bond for use in packaging and labeling.

Tread Cement

Tread cement is a water-based adhesive formulated for use on multiple components of a tire in new tire manufacturing. The product is applied to uncured rubber compound, such as the underside of extruded tread, splices, and skives, to adhere these components together.

ZEVOC® Retread Cement

ZEVOC® retread cement is the first patented water-based cement for cured rubber substrates. The product is typically used in retread manufacturing and tread manufacturing to adhere a new tread to a buffed carcass or to prep a tread for retread manufacturers. Although this product is water-based, has zero VOCs, and no HAPS, its adhesion ability matches or exceeds solvent-based alternatives.

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