Bead Dip Cement

APV Bead Dip Cement

PRODUCT CODE: N-9994, N-9306
CATEGORY: Adhesives

Bead Dip Cement is a water-based adhesive specifically formulated for uncured bead rings used in new tire manufacturing. The product secures the bead into place while it proceeds through the tire building process and will cure in an autoclave.

Bead Dip Cement is applied by a dipping process, where the product is poured into a plastic or stainless steel tank (with stainless steel welds) and the bead rings are dipped into the cement bath for complete coverage. Maintain the product for use by simply agitating the cement intermittently at a slow speed.

  • No VOCs
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-hazardous
  • Easy cleanup (without using additional solvents)

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