Ply Markers and Crayons

CATEGORY: Inspection Markers

APV’s ply markers and crayons are ideal for industrial applications such as those operating in tire, rubber, hose, and automotive manufacturing industries. The product has zero VOCs and is typically used to mark rubber surfaces for inspection and identification purposes.

Ply marker crayons, also known as fugitive crayons, are a valuable tool for marking uncured rubber surfaces such as calendered material, plies, and bead rings. The product does not act as a contaminant and will not cause de-lamination. Ply markers are available in standard, jumbo and triangular sizes and can be applied manually or by machine.

Crayons, also known as non-fugitive markers, are a valuable tool for marking cured (external) rubber surfaces. Available in a variety of colors, crayons are available in standard, jumbo and triangular sizes.

Ply markers and crayons are sold by the gross and packaged with 72 crayons per box. Products may be purchased labeled or unlabeled.

Other Uses and Applications:

Crayons can also be used other unique applications. The product can mark on wet or dry surfaces and can also mark on glass.

*The shelf life of ply markers or crayons rely almost entirely upon the proper storage of the stock. These identification markers are highly perishable when stored at temperature extremes. If stored in a cool, dry, area between 10-24°C, (50-75°F) the shelf life can be extended up to 5 years.

  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Custom Color Formulation
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Does Not Cause Delamination
  • Safe For Internal or External Use
  • Contain No VOCs

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