Selecting the right primer for a project is critical. It will improve paint coverage, adhesion of the topcoat, and achieve the highest quality finish. APV offers a line of primers designed to address several common painting conditions or surfaces you are applying a coating to. Have a unique application you need a primer for? APV’s R&D team will custom formulate a primer in a variety of chemistries to suit your needs.

Bright Zinc Rich Primer

APV’s bright zinc rich primer is used specifically on galvanized structures that have been repaired during construction.

TPO PrimeKote

APV offers a full line of high performance primers and basecoats for various TPO (olefins, plastics, polyolefin, and polyethylene) materials. TPO PrimeKote is engineered for many applications including injection molded siding, decking, fencing, various roofing materials and others.

W-1500 Primer

APV’s W-1500 Primer is an advanced water-based acrylic primer that self cross-links for optimum adhesion. The primer blocks stains, inhibits rust, and protects against efflorescence.

W-1650 Bonding Primer

W-1650 Bonding Primer is high performance coating ideal for exterior use over steel and factory coated surfaces such as Kynar? 500 and silicone polyester.

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