Bright Zinc Rich Primer


Zinc rich primers are high performance primers developed for the galvanizing and construction industry. They are used to protect steel surfaces from corrosion through electricity. The zinc and steel combine and produce a small electrical, cathodic cell, which protects the steel at the expense of the zinc. The primer also provides a barrier for continued protection.

APV’s bright zinc primer is used specifically on galvanized structures that have been repaired during construction. Our version of this primer has a high zinc content, which offers all of the protective qualities of the industry standard, yet retains a bright silver coating that closely mimics the look of galvanized coatings. As a less bright alternative to the H-8594, a zinc rich grey primer is available without the silver pigmentation.

Please refer to the product data sheet for complete specifications and surface preparation instructions.

  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Superior Adhesion To Galvanized substrate
  • One Coat Noncatalyzed System
  • Available in Low or No VOC Formulations

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